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Two days ago (8-5-19) I went to Bridgewater NJ to do a Pool Table Disassemble so flooring in the room could be repaired.  Simple enough.  When I began to take apart the beautiful Peter Vitalie Le Meiux pool table it became apparent that it had issues.  By the time I finished I was pretty sure it will be the "2019 Worst Installation of the Year" winner.  In order of disassembly I found -   It was completely un-level with raised slate seams, missing 5 rail bolts and 8 pocket washers, had soft putty in the slate screw holes and seams, the frame (which is marked for correct assembly at the factory) was assembled out of order, and worst of all, none of the corner legs were anchored to the frame - just the center two. It is a wonder it did not fall down.  This table was assembled by a mover service billiard professional. Scary!  I can fix it!

Billiard tables can also be temporarily disassembled so new carpet or flooring can be installed.   Small parts, hardware, and cloth will be boxed and stored out of harms way with the rest of the table until you are ready for reassembly.

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Best Billiards provides expert pool table assemby services throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas. Since 1981 I have assembled several thousand pool tables from Maine to Florida and as far west as Ohio.  My shop in Pattenburg NJ is ideally located to provide the best local service and value to customers in Hunterdon, Morris, Mercer, Warren and Somerset counties.  Bucks County PA is just minutes away as well.  I can recommend placement in your room to optimize play, and will protect your wood and tile floors  with rubber shims that add stability while also neatly leveling the base of your billiard table.   Using a precision machinist level along with hardwood slate shims ensures the slate is as true as possible before the seams are grouted with beeswax.  Bondo is never used to grout the slate seams of your pool table.  Attention to detail is given to the cloth installation and final assembly so that your table will look and play at its best.  Take a minute to look through my pool table service photo gallery and you will see why my expert billiard table installation service is your BEST choice !  

This photo gallery shows the installation of one of my tables

Please call to discuss your needs or send your inquiry here. Please include the pool tables AGE (approximate), SIZE , and BRAND or MANUFACTURER along with your ZIPCODE(S) or Address(es) to obtain an accurate service quote. 

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