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Over the years I have aquired dozens of antique pool tables that have been happily returned to service in new homes.  Some just receive minor service, while others may undergo very extensive restoration processes.  At the moment I have a dozen antique pool tables waiting for attention.  Please contact me for more information if you have an interest in my current inventory.

​​current projects 

I am starting a new restoration, and it will soon be ready for sale!  Let me know if you are interested.   It is a 9' Lafe Keafer  pocket table that I rescued from a basement near Hatboro PA where it had languished for some time.  I would estimate its age as just over 100 years, and although it appears to have had very light use  ( only three cloths have ever been installed - as evidenced by the number of tack holes in the rails ) it was last assembled 40+ years ago in a basement with a dirt floor !  The legs disintegrated and had been replaced with concrete blocks. 

Amazingly, the rest of the woodwork was in decent condition.  Also, I happen to have some very cool legs for it.   Lots of time and dirty work to come, but it will be worth it !!  This is going to be more of a fun resurrection than a restoration.  Stay tuned, or inquire, for more info....