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Over the years I have aquired dozens of antique pool tables that have been happily returned to service in new homes.  Some just receive minor service, while others may undergo very extensive restoration processes.  At the moment I have a dozen antique pool tables waiting for attention.  Please contact me for more information if you have an interest in my current inventory.

​​current projects 

I am currently working on a 9' Griffith Narragansett style pool table from the turn of the century.  It is complete and sound, but will require some repair of the white oak veneer on the legs, as well as all new rosewood veneer on the rails, and replacement of some missing ivory diamond sights.  New leather for the pockets and complete refinishing will complete the restoration.


The finished table looks great, and was delivered to its new home in Doylestown PA.  I located a replication of the original nameplate and avoided the high cost of having one reproduced.  The table is a perfect fit for its historic home.

The left photo is the nameplate now in the head rail.  It was installed by Ludlow when the table was handled by them many years ago.  The right photo is an image of the correct nameplate that I need to find.   If I can't source an original somewhere ( a serious needle in a haystack task ) I may need to have one reproduced. 

Everything was made sound and as new, and the interior cleaned and sealed in red oxide to match the original look as well.  Not missing a thing...