Last weekend ( 4-28-19 ) I was in Flemington NJ reviving this 7' pool table with new cloth, cushions and a relevel.  Like many American Heritage pool tables over 5 years old the cushion rubber had all turned to rock.  Because the sloppy installation when new was corrected, new MBS K-66 rubber, Championship 4066 cloth in Wine, and a relevel absolutely have this table in BETTER THAN NEW condition.

There are five cushion shapes commonly used today with the majority of tables using a profile called K-66.   Although I can source any brand cushions you request, I recommend Mercury Ballistic Speed cushions which have exhibited excellent consistency and long life. There are many cheaper inferior brands that just do not last.

Pool Table Bumpers.  Pool Table Rubbers.  Pool Table Cushions.  They give your table that lively bounce.  All pool and billiard tables will eventually need to have their cushion rubber replaced, as the rubber material deteriorates over time and looses it's resiliency.   Good cushions will allow a pool ball, rolled quickly with your hand, to travel the length of the table and contact cushions four times before slowing to a stop.   

Billiard cushions & pockets

Please call to discuss your needs or send your inquiry here. Please include the pool tables AGE (approximate), SIZE , and BRAND or MANUFACTURER along with your ZIPCODE(S) or Address(es) to obtain an accurate service quote. 

Like cheaper cushions, there are low quality adhesives that may fail and let the cushions separate from the rail over time.   I only use Barge Cement when changing cushions as I believe it is the finest product available.


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Whatever style pocket your billiard table has, they take a beating and may eventually crack and fail.  For most tables from the past 50+ years they can simply be replaced.   However, it is important that Antique Pool Tables keep their original pocket irons, as they were individually fitted to the table as it was manufactured, so only the leather should be replaced - if needed to bring the table back up to snuff.