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While this Sir John pool table is a sight to behold it is equally exceptional in it's construction

                                                            - Top to Bottom -

- The wide Rosewood and Ivory railtops are laminated from 3 solid pieces for greater stability, and feature   Artemis cushion rubber

- There are 34 rail bolts (not 18) that are 3/8" (not 5/16") holding the rails to the slate

- The 1" Brazilian lunsford slate has a veneer core framing

- There is NO fiberboard anywhere in this table.  It is all solid wood and veneer core construction with the   main frame being 2-1/4" thick, the slate supporting cross frames 6-3/4" tall and mortised into the main   frame.  Even with the perfectly fitted compound mitered corners it can be fully disassembled to pass up a   spiral staircase.  Built like a tank, and beautiful too

- Each leg is held on with Four 3/8" bolts and has a hidden rubber footed leveler built in so no shims will show   when the table is installed on uneven flooring

- Matching inlaid Rosewood cue rack included

You will not find another pool table like this ANYWHERE.      Inquire if interested

Here is a Very special one that is available  For Sale

For 24 years I built custom Jacobi Billiard Manufacturing  pool tables and sold them at my shop, Best Billiards.  Over 500 were built, and every Jacobi Billiard Manufacturing pool table produced, starting with prime grade roughsawn lumber, milling of the parts (some legs were purchased), sanding staining and finishing, and including final delivery and assembly, was completed by me.  That ended in 2016 when I closed my shop to focus on service work.   

This space will highlight some of those tables.  I am very glad I had the opportunity to create them, while equally happy that time is behind me now.   From time to time I hear from past customers who are moving on and can not take their Jacobi Billiard Manufacturing 

tables with them, and I will post them  For Sale     here .  

This is an 8' Sir John model, and the only pool table that I did not sell when closing the shop.  So it has never had a game played on it !   That has me feeling a little guilty, and it is finally time to find it a home where it can see some fun and get the love it deserves.

The table is a replica of a BBC Eclipse model that I restored and the wood is Bolivian Rosewood with Walnut Burl and Birdseye Maple marquetry.  The diamond sights are Ivory recylced from derelict piano keys.

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