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The leather pockets are finished in traditional colors and materials, and go very well with the table color.

Like it?    Want it ??    Too Late !!

Here it is !

Ready to go with no issues.  The frame and legs complement each other and make a beautiful whole.

The aged rosettes show very well against the espresso finish.

I refinished the pocket irons and hand stitched the leather  pockets together

The pool table was recently  purchased and installed in Washington NJ , where we installed a new Simonis 860 cloth in Chartreuse.     Very cool !!

Here are a few more pics...

Except for the new leg bolts all of the original hardware was there and in great shape.  Even the rosettes for the railbolts were there and have a great patina.  I can use shiny new ones (top right) if you want...

All of the pieces - pocket irons, leather, rails and slate exhibit a harmonious fit that is rarely seen in a pool table that is over  100 years old.  I only completely covered the end rails, so I could test the cushion rubber ( It's Great - ball bounces 4 rails ), and so you could see the final fit and look in the pocket area.   Perfect

New cushion rubber was installed and cut for proper pocket openings

Tall legs and a narrower frame give this table a very cool unique presence, while maintaining the proper slate height.

​Thanks !

Very rare maker.  Of the many hundreds of antiques I have handled, I have never seen another Lafe Keafer