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NJ pool table moving service

​​How NOT to move a pool table

( I found this disturbing image on the web )

Last week (12-29-22) I went to Flemington NJ to help a customer relocate their pool table within their home.  I disassembled the pool table in their basement and they were able to move the parts  upstairs so I could reassemble it in its new location right away.  They chose a new Championship 4066 cloth in Wine so I was able to recover it at the same time, and it once again looks and plays like new!


 In the past 40+ years I have moved and improved hundreds and hundreds of pool tables, while saving their owners money at the same time.   While I no longer actually relocate pool tables myself, I can disassemble and prepare your 3 piece slate pool table for a safe move and properly assemble it once it is in its new location.  I do not cut corners, I take the time needed to make your table the best it can be.  Because I use a machinist level when adjusting the slates, you can be assured of the truest playfield possible.  Beeswax, not Bondo, is used to grout the slate seams.  If you are in need of a pool table moving service, take a minute to look through my pool table service photo gallery and you will see why my expert guaranteed billiard table moving service is your best choice.
FACT-   While there IS  a substantial savings if you choose to change the cloth on your table while it is being reassembled, it is NOT  necessary - though some other service providers may tell you that it IS.  If your cloth is in good condition it will look even better after it has been removed, cleaned and reinstalled.

" We love the pool table.  It looks and plays great!  Your price was very fair and quality of work was excellent.  Please feel free to use us as a reference anytime. Thank you also for generously including the chalk and short cue at no charge. Hope our paths cross again. "   -   J.&J. R.