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On Valentines Day ( 2-14-20) I went to a Flemington NJ home to complete a Pool Table Recover.  The 8' AMF pool table had its old Wine cloth replaced with a new Championship 4066 cloth in Black.  The pool table was also releveled so it is in top shape once again.  Play on !!

" I can't believe how great our pool table looks.  The new cloth makes the whole table look like new.  Great Job! " 

-     A.D.

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Although I will furnish cloth from any manufacturer that you request, I recommend either a TRADITIONAL  Championship 4066 wool/ nylon blend or WORSTED Simonis 860 for most all playing conditions.  I can advise you on cloth for your unique situation as well.


Championship #4066 is a top quality, teflon coated, heavy weight ( 20oz+ ) wool/nylon blend cloth that is available in many colors and provides excellent play and durability for most situations.  Colors can be viewed HERE , though I recommend seeing the fabric in person to ensure the correct choice.   I can provide you with samples to view in your home, with your accompanying furniture and lighting.

Like the Traditional cloth, Simonis #860 is a 21oz wool/nylon blend.   The main difference is that it is worsted, which gives it a smoother nap free surface, providing faster ball speed and more consistent play.   For this reason it is the preferred tournament cloth of professionals, and explains its significant upcharge from the Traditional cloth.   There are over 20 colors which can be viewed at Simonis Cloth

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Please call to discuss your needs or send your inquiry here. Please include the pool tables AGE (approximate), SIZE , and BRAND or MANUFACTURER along with your ZIPCODE(S) or Address(es) to obtain an accurate service quote. 

Pool table felt, pool table green, pool table fabric, pool table cloth: It is where the action is on your table.   Nothing transforms a well used table like replacing the old, tired cloth with a bright new one.   For the past 35 years I have performed expert pool table recovering in Clinton, the Central New Jersey area - and beyond.  Annandale, Bernards, Chester, Doylestown, Easton, Flemington - and on to Yardville and Zarephath too.  I have serviced thousands of pool tables in NJ and eastern PA.  If you are in need of a pool table refelting (pool table recovering) service take a minute to click through my pool table service photo gallery and you will see why my expert guaranteed billiard table recovering service is your BEST choice.   No matter what cloth you select, my attention to detail will ensure tight, pucker free rails and an evenly stretched bed with neatly trimmed pockets.   Color matched chalk is always provided with every cloth replacement.