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Two weeks ago (4-24-20) we went up to West Milford NJ to repair a pool table that had crashed to the floor when the owner attempted to slide it to the side temporarily DO NOT DO THIS!  Luckily no one ​was hurt, but the remaining two legs were loose and it was in danger of falling completely. DO NOT DO THIS!  We disassembled the table from the top down, repaired the legs, and rebuilt it again.  This very pretty solid wood table looks great, but like many recent import tables has VERY flimsy construction and warped parts - sad.  If moved while together it will likely fall apart again - 99% of all pool tables NEED to be disassembled before they are moved an inch.  The owner used this opportunity to have us install a new Championship cloth in Wine, which saved him nearly $200 and has the table looking new again.  Back in business!

Back from 

​the dead...

Because I have a full woodshop and have manufactured several hundred premium pool tables I can offer services that others cannot.  Structural repairs, custom parts replication and other restoration services can be performed on your antique or furniture billiard table.

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Please call to discuss your needs or send your inquiry here. Please include the pool tables AGE (approximate), SIZE , and BRAND or MANUFACTURER along with your ZIPCODE(S) or Address(es) to obtain an accurate service quote. 



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