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A few weeks ago we were scheduled for a pool table move of this 8' M. Simon antique pool table in Chester NJ.  It had been disassembled for years and we were to move it to it's new home in Randolph NJ and reassemble it.  While moving the parts I noticed that two of the legs had delaminated sides and "collapsed" bottoms (the middle photo shows the collapsed bottom on the right side) which would not hold any weight to support the table and allow leveling.  I brought the legs back to my shop where I disassembled the pieces of the "feet", cleaned and reglued them, and reassembled everything as a strong proper leg.  Last week (7-18-18) I returned to Randolph and completed the pool table move, assembling the table.  It is now ready for many more years of enjoyment!

Please call to discuss your needs or send your inquiry here. Please include the pool tables AGE (approximate), SIZE , and BRAND or MANUFACTURER along with your ZIPCODE(S) or Address(es) to obtain an accurate service quote. 


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Because I have a full woodshop and have manufactured several hundred premium pool tables I can offer services that others cannot.  Structural repairs, custom parts replication and other restoration services can be performed on your antique or furniture billiard table.

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