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Before...                                After !

After - AMAZING!

While moving a customers pool table from an upstairs room to a newly finished basement room in their home I noticed a small cut in the pool table cloth.  From its shape and size I knew it was caused when someone had used a cue which had lost its leather tip.  When it miscued (obviously - no tip!) the sharp ferrule hit the cloth and cut it.    Although a small cut is no big deal, I performed a little magic and made it disappear (almost).  My customer was stunned when he remembered the cut, but could not find it on the completed table.  All Good !

Back from 

​the dead...

Because I have a full woodshop and have manufactured several hundred premium pool tables I can offer services that others cannot.  Structural repairs, custom parts replication and other restoration services can be performed on your antique or furniture billiard table.

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Please call to discuss your needs or send your inquiry here. Please include the pool tables AGE (approximate), SIZE , and BRAND or MANUFACTURER along with your ZIPCODE(S) or Address(es) to obtain an accurate service quote.