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This one was frustrating for the owner, as well as myself.  She called me to "fix" a pool table that she had just had moved and recovered by another "billiard service professional" who had been to her home three times to try to get it right.  Unfortunately everythingwas wrong.  Following the pictures:  the whole table leaned to one side, with one end lower than the other. The side rails were not close to straight.  The NEW cloth was installed horribly.  Some of the slate screws were hanging in space instead of being anchored in the frame.  The pockets, though riddled with staples, were not attached to the table.  The last picture shows the cloth installation after I completely disassembled the table, and corrected each issue during the reassembly.  The table is now in top shape, with no problems at all.  Absolute ridiculousness  !!

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Because I have a full woodshop and have manufactured several hundred premium pool tables I can offer services that others cannot.  Structural repairs, custom parts replication and other restoration services can be performed on your antique or furniture billiard table.

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