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After - AMAZING!

Here is a weird one.  Last Friday (2-1-19)  I went to a home in Hamilton NJ that had water damage in the basement due to a clogged dehumidifier drain.  When the remediation company showed up one of their workers piled a nearby weight set on to the pool table.   The owner asked them to leave and found, when he removed the weights, that one of them must have been "dropped" onto the table as there was a HOLE in the slate.   Oddly enough, because it is a clean puncture and the slate is otherwise undamaged, it can easily be repaired to full functionality .  We will see what the insurance company and owner agree upon.  Unbelievable...

Back from 

​the dead...

Because I have a full woodshop and have manufactured several hundred premium pool tables I can offer services that others cannot.  Structural repairs, custom parts replication and other restoration services can be performed on your antique or furniture billiard table.

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